Ear Reflexology

Every ear is unique and no two are alike – the ears are like the fingerprints and can be read to reveal our inner nature. The points for ear reflexology are similar to those in auricular therapy, a.k.a. ear acupuncture. Pioneering work by Chinese doctors over the last 40 years has led to the World Health Organisation authorising the standardisation of the points on the ear in 1990.

The Benefits of Ear Reflexology

The basic principle of ear reflexology which induces a body reflex response without getting the brain involved (the so-called ‘primitive reflexes’ also work according to this principle).Ear Reflexology can benefit you in many ways, but the most notable is for the instant relief of pain. It can also be used for clearing infections, lowering blood pressure and balancing hormones. Ear Reflexology is commonly used with foot and hand reflexology and can confirm a diagnosis suggested by imbalances in the feet and hand reflex points.

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