Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology is the stimulation of the hands for health conditions in other parts of the body.

Benefits of Hand Reflexology:

Reduces Headaches – The tips of the thumb and fingers are the points where you can stimulate the nerves connected to the head and temple region. Thus, by gently massaging and kneading the tips of the fingers and thumbs, you can gradually reduce the headache or an oncoming migraine.

Reduces Back Pain – Hand reflexology is known to benefit you in reducing back pain. The sides of your hand around the thumb portion and the back area of your wrist joint are related to you back. So, you can reduce the back pain by gently massaging those areas of the thumb and wrist joint.

Reduces Shoulder Pain – Shoulder pain can be reduced by hand reflexology. All you need is to concentrate the joints of each finger on the topside of each hand. You need to massage them clockwise gently from left to right.

Reduces Allergies – Hand reflexology is also known to aid in reducing allergies. You can apply pressure to the fleshy portion of the topside of your palm. You will find an increase in circulation of blood to the nasal passage and the throat area. This will aid in reducing allergies of the throat.

Reduces Neck Pressure – Hand reflexology can also reduce the neck pressure. The region under the tips of the finger, i.e. the top digit of each finger is to be massaged gently to help reduce neck pressure.

Opening up Sinuses – Massaging the lengths of each finger slowly by focusing on the tips; one can help self in improving the blood circulation to his or her head and ear region, thus slowly oxygen flow can be increased in these areas.

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