Maternity Reflexology

This treatment supports a mother and babe through all trimesters of pregnancy with specialized protocols for common symptoms and complaints that often accompany pregnancy. The focus is the alleviation of the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy without the use of drugs.

For most women, finding out they are pregnant is a time for joy and celebration, but there are also times throughout the pregnancy when women may need some additional support; and reflexology is one option for improving wellbeing.  

There may be concerns about common pregnancy symptoms or emotional issues. However much the pregnancy was wanted, there can still be concerns about money, worries about how it may affect the relationship with their partner, or what will happen with work, etc. and of course, changing hormone levels.

Reflexology in pregnancy aims to optimise the physical and emotional health of the pregnant woman and therapists are also able to provide general lifestyle advice and offer support. One benefit of receiving reflexology during pregnancy is that it allows time away from often busy lives and provides a time and space where you can focus purely on yourself and your growing baby – this should not be underestimated, it is so important that you have time to be able to clear your mind and to think through and talk about how you are feeling about the arrival of a new baby into your life.

Many women are now choosing to have reflexology throughout their pregnancy and postnatally – as it can offer many benefits such as aiding relaxation, reducing anxiety, generally de-stressing and improving sleep.

However you view reflexology, there is no doubt that it provides a period of time where the client has one to one attention, relaxation and supportive touch in an empathic and non-judgemental listening environment which all help build resilience and allow patients to gain both mental and physical strength.

Most women seek reflexology for support with common conditions that can arise during pregnancy such as constipation, low back pain, heartburn, anxiety, depression etc. or to help prepare their bodies for birthing. Reflexology acknowledges that every person is unique, and so it is not possible to know in advance how you will react to a treatment and what benefits you will receive.

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