Vertebralis Neuro-Foot Reflexology

Taking advantage of new neurological maps, this technique consists of working the spinal cord reflex points in the feet in a way that sends a nerve impulse in an arc from foot to brain to organ, initiating a change in that part of the body.

This treatment helps find and solve neurological blockages that when present in the human body, can lead to diverse imbalances – not only physical, but mental and emotional as well. The technique consists of working the spinal cord in the feet as if it were in the back, along  with points and areas in the feet. All this, as I mentioned above is done in an integration with neurological maps that can be traced by neurologists; including the effectiveness of the response as well as outcome of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

This system can be applied to children and adults with nervous system and brain damage. But the aim of the therapy is also to bring the whole body system to a homeostasis or balance. This is the natural state of the body.

Stress, climate and emotions can disturb this fragile equilibrium, making one’s body and mind prone to an immense variety of dis-eases, all of which can be corrected if a good treatment is performed.

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